Cones Standard - 3er Pack

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ca. 2 bis 4 Werktage

3 Stück

Länge: 98 mm

Oberer Durchmesser: 11,5 mm

Filter Durchmesser: 5,5 mm

Filter Länge: 20 mm

Our paper tubes are made of the utmost translucent and thin cigarette papers and have topped this specifc smoker market for decades.

The dimensional characteristics and conical shape is perfectly attuned to the Mountain-High production equipment. The paper tubes have a minimum of paper ashover (ca. 3 mm) and a minimum of glued seam (ca. 0.7 mm).

No saliva is used for sealing the glue line connection. The especially developed and integrated conically connected filter tip allows for maximum passage of smoke through the filter and a minimum of blend penetration.

The wrappers are most favourably and protectively packed.