1. Is it legal to buy items in your shop?

Of course it is! All our products are legal, region specific restrictions might apply in some cases, but we will draw your attention to this in the description of the specific product. So you can shop at ease in our shop.

2. How long will the shipping take?

After credit card payment we ship on the same day, all other kinds of payment we ship at the latest one day after we have received the money. Depending on where you live, the deliverance should arrive at the latest three days after the receipt of the payment.

3. Can the content of the parcel be recognized?

No, the parcels are shipped in a neutral wrapping.

4. Can I hold Bushplanet liable for using products in violation of the regionally applicable regulations?

No, you definitely cannot, here and in various other places we point out to you that you are only allowed to use our products in line with the applicable regulations you are subjected to. When ordering from our online service you agree to our terms and conditions, which state this explicitely!

5. Do you ship your items anywhere?

No, some items are not allowed in specific countries, information on this you will find in the description of these items. All other items are shipped worldwide.

6. I am looking for a specific item. I think you have got it, still I cannot find it - can you provide me with this item?

This depends on the item you fancy - we can order almost every item of the manufacturers in the list (dropdown menue in the left column in the shop) To provide items of other manufacturers please send a brief e-mail to office@bushplanet.tv

7. Can I pick up my order from the shop?

Yes you can. Our adress you will find in "CONTACT" in the menue bar a the top.

8. How long is guarantee/warrantee?

Solange es der Gesetzgeber vorsieht - im Moment sind das 2 Jahre. As long as it is determined by legislation - at the moment 2 years.

9. Can I have damaged water pipes repaired at your shop?

This is often possible, but depends on the manufacturer and the damage of your pipe. Please contact us by e-mail.