Lumatek 600W / 400V Pro Blüte

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  • Artikelnummer: LUP600
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  • Hersteller: Lumatek


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600w 400 v 85000 Lumen

When paired with a Lumatek ballast, you can increase your light output by 10% with these finely tuned, specialized lamps.

Lumatek’s high-par output lamps are designed by the world’s leading HID lamp engineers. These lamps provide exceptional performance on both magnetic and electronic ballasts.
100% European engineered and manufactured Lumatek’s high-par output lamps deliver an optimized spectrum and high level of Photosynthetic Active Radiation to promote healthy plant growth.
These lamps have strengthened seals and a reinforced arc frame to ensure that they will provide long lasting performance with stable lumen output.

400 VOLT Leuchtmittel!